Finally Sigwada Gallery is coming close to finding its definitive identity, its unique selfhood, its distinctive brand. After nearly a couple of years of experimenting a lot of ideas and alternative directions, much like Siddharta's journeying, our gallery is setting off and settling on an exciting concept of the kind of gallery that we will be versus other galleries.. And that is to be a philosophical gallery.

We will be a gallery that will hew close to ideas of philosophers regarding art. We will challenge proposing artists and our exhibiting artists to address issues of philosophy. We will ask them how their artworks match up to questions of being, of existence, life, truth and other metaphysical questions. Thus we will only accept artists who can meet this criterion.

We will engage buyers of our artworks with conversations and considerations of philosophical concerns, hopefully to enter into dialogue to truly appreciate higher deeper broader ideas on art. We feel we have a mission that our buyers leave our gallery enriched as persons via the artworks they have purchased. And we too share in their ideas to broaden and deepen our own.

Philosophy for us is no needless abstraction, no counting of angels dancing on a needle. Philosophy is that which will make us authentic persons, reflecting thinkers and committed citizens of the world, stewards of the earth, and children of the Divine. And our artworks will help us to become so.

We will not sell artworks for investment, we will not exhibit paintings that will merely beautify, or that will just give pride of ownership and collection. Rather we will set up art pieces that will make us think, reflect, meditate, live a wholistic life, abundantly. After all philosophy is etymologically love of wisdom.

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